Super Spot

Come over for lunch and fun

Hungry for fun? Just hungry?
Welcome to Super Spot.

SUPER SPOT is a space in the new part of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik, where culinary offer and various leisure options come together. You can't miss it - simply follow the signs in the shopping centre, and you're already here.

Enjoy delicious food

Lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Super Spot offers the tastiest solution when hunger strikes.

In the extensive culinary offering of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik, you'll find a selection of world cuisines, popular fast-food restaurants, excellent drinks, and something sweet.

A la carte restaurants pamper you with a rich menu, and when you're in a hurry or your group can't decide where to have lunch, there's the 'food court' – a large culinary arena with diverse options.

Tacos, pad thai, čevapčiči, maybe sushi? Try them all!
19 restaurants cater to every taste.



The fun never stops

Don't know what to do on a rainy day? Need a dose of adrenaline, relaxed fun, or just a few hours of laughter in the best company?

Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik is always the right place. Super Spot has everything for a perfect day with friends, colleagues, or family.

Join us for a movie premiere, conquer all the WOOP! challenges, hit the gym, and bring your little ones to the biggest playground in town.

Don't miss out on current events.
There's always something happening at Super Spot.




Open on Sundays and holidays too

Restaurants and entertainment spots at Super Spot are now also open every Sunday and on holidays from
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Please use the entrance in the new part of the shopping centre
(near Lolita café on the ground floor or Cineplexx cinema on the first floor).